More green for going green

April 25 2018

Integrating green technologies into your home is a great way to save cash. It can lower your energy usage -- and subsequently, your monthly bills -- and make managing your home more affordable in the long run. Certain green upgrades can also qualify you for other savings -- things like cash rebates, lower energy rates and even tax credits.
Are you thinking of going green in your home? Here are a few upgrades that can save you added cash through national, state and local programs:
Solar panels and solar-powered water heaters: These can qualify you for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit or the Solar Energy Investment Credit, which covers 30 percent of your cost to purchase and install your new system. 
Wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps and renewable resource fuel cells: These also qualify you for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.
Energy-efficient washers, heat pumps, toilets, insulation, water heaters and other appliances: These can qualify you for various utility rebates and reduced rates. Programs exist for Springfield residents, as well as Ameren Illinois, Peoples Gas, MidAmerican Energy, Nicor Gas, Jo-Carroll Energy, Illinois Municipal and ComEd customers
Energy Star-rated products and appliances: Replacing many of your in-home appliances could qualify you for various cash rebates. Just check the Energy Star website to find eligible products near you.
If you're thinking of renovating your home or upgrading any of its systems or appliances, keep these incentives in mind as you decide which route to take. Need funds to cover your renovations and upgrades? Contact us to inquire about a cash-out refinance that can help.


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